How Can Repeatable Process Automation Benefit The Energy Sector

14th April 2023

Repeatable Process Automation is an exciting automated technology which can be of great benefit to the energy sector. From payment collections to meter readings, Repeatable Process Automation can have many applications, improving and streamlining the day-to-day efficiency of energy retailers’ business operations.

This article will explore the basics of Repeatable Process Automation, its practical applications for energy retailers, and the remarkable benefits for businesses in the energy sector.

What Is Repeatable Process Automation?

Essentially, Repeatable Process Automation utilises software to automate simple or repetitive tasks within a business. These are predictable and manual tasks that do not require significant human judgement or decision-making. Repeatable Process Automation might handle processes such as logging into applications, copying and pasting data between systems, filling out forms, and performing calculations.

Repeatable Process Automation can improve how business functions, and can also be easily integrated with existing systems and applications. Because of this, it represents a flexible, versatile, and readily prepared solution for energy retailers and the utilities sector as a whole.

Uses Of Repeatable Process Automation

User Identification

Repeatable Process Automation can provide mobile capture services to identify and authenticate users. Users can take a picture of themselves, as well as their ID or verified documents, and the automated process can then verify their likeness and authenticity.

With users authenticated through this intuitive process, data can be extracted, meaning you have their correct information for future communications. This will ensure that energy suppliers are contacting the correct individuals with the correct information at the right time.

With this business-critical information, energy suppliers will not only validate emails, mobile numbers and addresses, but also establish moving in and out dates for customers, or let customers know about bill increases, as well as other changes.

Meter Readings

Due to Ofgem, energy retailers currently have to expend effort and expenses sending calls and letters to customers to have them take meter readings. If there is no action, staff site visits have to be conducted in order to collect meter readings.

This issue can be solved with automation, as more accurate meter readings can be made quickly, easily, and with less expense. This ensures energy retailers can forecast and buy energy effectively, with accurate bills presented to customers.

With ChatBuilder, automated SMS texts, Whatsapp messages, and emails can be sent out to notify the customer about meter readings. This notification features a Chatbot, where the customer can be guided to use their camera to take a meter reading. An automated software, Optical Character Recognition, can then confirm the reading. Conversions can be tracked, providing savings to the energy retailer and consumer.

Facilities Management

For engineers, caretaker personnel, or other facility employees, Repeatable Process Automation can assist and streamline their everyday operations, allowing them to track and complete tasks as well as upload necessary data.

Energy retailers can see their staff and track their workload, assigning them jobs with deadlines and additional details. This can ensure that those working on the ground know exactly what they need to do at all times, with automation ensuring that they are doing the correct task and making efficient use of their time.

If you do need to collect meter reading data, automation can ensure it is scheduled and planned properly, providing the facilities team with everything they need to make it a smooth operation.

Debt Collection

A current challenge in the energy sector is debt collection, with many customers being contacted on various platforms with often uncertain results. Repeatable Process Automation can help smoothen the debt collection process. ChatBuilder, for example, is able to drive incremental collections through a mobile-based, non-invasive approach for the customer.

This simplifies the follow-up for debt collection for customers, minimises third-party costs for businesses, and improves the overall amount of debt collected. Automation ensures the customer’s data is validated, and they’ll have a personalised layout with the correct debt demand presented to them.

The payment gateway avoids logins and ensures the transaction is intuitive to undertake directly on a mobile device. Automation also gives the customer the ability to make future payment plans or contact customer support for assistance.

Customer Service

It is important for energy retailers and providers to communicate effectively with their customers. Automation allows for customer engagement to technologically update with the times. With the correct data collected on the customer, an automated chatbot can help find them the right solution efficiently.

Large companies and energy retailers will understand the logistical difficulty of having a call centre in place to meet the demand of customers. With Repeatable Process Automation, the data collected from the customer can help the customer service system understand the problem at hand easily.

This can free up the Call Centre, reducing customer contact time. This can save both time and money for a business, and help make the customer’s life easier too.

The Benefits of Repeatable Process Automation

Repeatable Process Automation has multiple applications for energy retailers and suppliers. It can streamline the operation of a business for employees and simplify identification, debt collection, and communication processes with ease.

Repeatable Process Automation allows for remarkable efficiency to be integrated into your business. Automation can become part of an energy retailer business as much as the organisation desires with its impressively versatile scalability options.

From user identification and meter readings to debt collection and customer service, Repeatable Process Automation presents a complete solution to increase the effectiveness of your business, in both time, money, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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